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家庭是我们的港湾,但是随着生活节奏的加快,我们和家人陪伴的时间越来越少,托福君的写作有时候会考到此类话题,为了帮助大家备考,下面小编给大家带来托福写作话题分析: 陪家人。



Choosing a job: high-paying with long working hours, or low-paying with short working hours?

Which would you choose: a high-paying job with long hours that would give you little time with family and friends or a lower-paying job with shorter hours that would give you more time with family and friends? Explain your choice, using specific reasons and details.




I am optimistic that through my studies and continued hard work I will be able to find a job that will provide my future family and me with financial security. We should be able to afford the necessities of life, such as a modest home, enough food to nourish us and keep us in good health, as well as education for our children. Hopefully, I will find myself in the fortunate situation where I can decide between a high-paying job with long hours and a lower-paying job with shorter hours. I would choose the job with the lower salary and greater personal time without hesitation, because my family and friends are the most important things in my life.

Time is the greatest investment I can make into the relationships with my wife and my children. A marriage is not just a decision one makes but a promise that one keeps. In order to do so one has to be there for the other person and share moments of joy as well as times of difficulty. Nowadays, too many relationships wither away as the partners are unable to work out their problems or bond through meaningful experiences. Personal careers become too important and family time becomes a rare occurrence.

The absence of one parent, due to professional career or divorce, can have a very negative effect on a child's development. The child might question his value to father or mother (depending on which one is continually absent) and develop low self-esteem. Without the presence of either or, worse, both parents, the child will be more likely to make bad decisions as he is lacking proper guidance. And there is one point should also be mentioned, i.e. neither expensive toys nor fancy clothes can compensate for this.

Lastly, I can derive more pleasure from spending time with my friends than I ever could from driving a sports car or taking luxury vacations. The inner peace and balance that I enjoy from their company are invaluable to me. Also, a million dollars in the bank would be worth nothing if I didn't have the time to enjoy these riches with my friends.


【作业类 + 两选类】   Some people like to live away from family and friends with high salaries, the other people like to stay with your family and friends with less pay. Which one do you prefer? 远走他乡赚取高薪仍是享用亲友的陪同赚取低薪? (2012年7月28日)   【点评】托福写作的论题通常和年轻人的生长,择业,人生挑选息息有关,由于年轻人会有感而发。在托福写作题库中和作业有关的论题有:三天作业好仍是五天作业好;远走他乡仍是久居故乡;距离年;高薪假日多的作业比照低薪假日少的作业;年轻人是不是应该为做好生长的预备而从事兼职等。

【有关标题】   A job with more vacation time but a low salary is better than a job with a high salary but less vacation time. 是不是赞同低薪假日多的作业比高薪假日少的作业好? (2009年2月27日)   【标题解析】比照类写法   【作家立场】远走他乡赚取高薪是比享用亲友的陪同赚取低薪非常好的挑选。

【写作思路】一边倒支撑:三个论据支撑一个作家立场。   【思路拓宽】   1. 作业是日子的主要部分,因而也是美好的源泉,许多人将自个的作业成就感和薪水的凹凸联系到一起。薪水高意味公司注重自个,也体现了自我的价值,因而,获得作业成就感和自豪感的时机就多, 这即是为何许多年轻人情愿异乡拼搏以赚取高薪。   2. 远走他乡,虽然亲情和友谊或许会疏远,可是,高薪能够给在未来给家人带来愈加美好的日子。详细而言,改进寓居环境,使后代承受精英教育,家人的医疗有保证等,这些也是美好的源泉。   3. 挑选在异国他乡作业,我们也能够和亲人兄弟经过网络或电话保持联系,一起,我们能够在假日的时分回家省亲,因而,家庭联系和兄弟联系纷歧定会由于空间的阻隔而疏远。   点评:推荐打开自个的例子;兄弟的例子。

【原创语料库】   1. One of the traits of modern way of working is that people enjoy more freedom and flexibility in selecting their favorite jobs. 现代择业方法的主要特征之一即是我们在挑选自个喜爱的作业方面愈加自由,灵敏。   解析:one of the traits of …… is that …… 的最主要的特征之一即是 ……   2. It often happens that modern people often fall into a dilemma when faced with the option of living away from home to strive for a handsomely paid job or enjoying the company of the family with a meager salary. 现代人常常堕入两难的窘境,是挑选在远离家人赚取高薪,仍是享用家人陪同而赚取低薪。   解析:It often happens that modern people often fall into a dilemma when faced with the option of A and B 现代人在面对 …… 和 …… 的挑选的时分,常常堕入两难的窘境。   拓宽:a handsomely paid job = a well-paid job n 高薪的作业   3. When it comes to the issue whether or not living far away from home to pursue wealth dreams is superior to staying with family to enjoy life, there never lacks debates and arguments. 当提及到是不是远离家庭去寻求财富梦想优胜于和亲我们在一起享用日子的时分,我们常常争议不断。   解析:When it comes to the issue whether or not …… is superior to …… , there never lacks debates and arguments. 当提及到是不是…… 优胜于…… 的时分,我们争议不断。   4. A great many people prefer to secure a well-paying job even at the expense of being away from family members and friends . 许多人喜爱高薪的作业,即便这种挑选是以远离亲人兄弟为价值。   解析:even at the expense of …… 即便以……为价值   解析:secure a well-paying job v 找到一份高薪的作业   拓宽:get a reasonable career v 找到理想的作业   5. Making large sums of money could, to large extent, improve one’s quality of life. 挣到许多的钱能够进步日子的质量。   解析:large sums of money n大笔的钱   6. Children have the opportunities of receiving fine education with high quality 孩子们有时机承受高质量的精英教育。   7. To take a few days off in luxurious seaside resorts when vacation comes 假日降临,在海滨的豪华度假胜地享用日子   解析:细节打开   8. A lot of people take their comfortable salary as a source of happiness and the realization of self-value. 许多人把高薪当成是美好的一种源泉以及自我价值的完成。   解析:comfortable adj 舒畅的;富裕的   9. One might have more chances to accompany their families and associate with good friends if he or she dwell in the native hometown. 假如一个人住在家园,他会有更多的时机陪同家人以及和好友往来。   解析:associate with sb v 和或人往来   拓宽:dwell in sp = reside in sp v 住在某地   10. A well-paid career indicates high social status,which could earn respect from others. Some top stars or financially richer entrepreneurs could serve as perfect examples. 高薪作业意味社会地位高,也赢得别人的敬重,明星和公司家即是极好的例子。   解析:financially richer entrepreneurs n 赋有的公司家   解析:could serve as perfect examples v能够作为完满的例子   11. A desirable life is what every individual aspires after. 人人巴望自个想要的日子。   点评:…… is what every individual aspires after v ……是人人巴望的。   12. It is highly possible that one could keep contact with relatives and friends via the Internet and the mobile phone even he or she live in the remote city or alien land. In this sense, harmonious family relationship will not be undermined and intimate friendship will not be estranged even there exists the geographical barrier. 挑选在异国他乡作业,也能够和亲人兄弟经过网络或电话保持联系,一起,我们能够在假日的时分回家省亲,因而,家庭联系和兄弟联系纷歧定由于空间的阻隔而疏远。   解析:undermine v 损坏   解析:estrange v疏远

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