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Christmas Eve is the eve of Christmas Day, a widely celebrated festival commemorating the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. It is a culturally significant celebration for most of the Western world and is widely observed as a full or partial holiday in anticipation of Christmas.


In various cultures, a festive dinner is traditionally served for the family and close friends in attendance, when the first star (usually Sirius) arrives on the sky.


As is known to us all, wrapped gifts are usually given to children during their sound sleeping.They will be happy to open it next when they wake up.


It's believed that the gifts are given by Santa Claus amoung child.Santa Claus is generally depicted as a plump, jolly, white-bearded man wearing a red coat with white collar and cuffs, white-cuffed red trousers, and black leather belt and boots .The modern portrayal of Santa Claus frequently depicts him listening to the Christmas wishes of young children.


Writing letters to Santa Claus has been a Christmas tradition for children for many years. These letters normally contain a wishlist of toys and assertions of good behavior.



Christmas in America

Christmas is the most important festival in the western world. It falls on December 25th. When my mother and I stayed in America, we were invited by one of my mother's friends to have Christmas with an American family. We bought some presents for our American friends on our way to their house.

They had prepared different kinds of gifts for their family and guests when we got to their house, such as Christmas candles, cakes, cards, little toys, biscuits and so on. A Christmas tree was placed in the comer of the brilliant hall. How beautiful it was! We were impressed by these. We had a big meal. After dinner, they told us some interesting stories about Christmas. We learned that Christmas had something to do with God. We went to bed at midnight. Though we knew the Santa Claus was not true, we were still waiting for the Santa Claus with white beard to bring us presents.And we received many beautiful presents the next morning.

This Christmas was really unforgettable. Not only did I have a good time, but also I knew something about foreign culture.

美国的圣诞节 圣诞节是西方世界最重要的节日。它落在十二月二十五日。当我和我在美国的时候,我妈妈的一个朋友邀请我和一个美国家庭一起过圣诞节。我们在去他们家的路上给我们的美国朋友买了些礼物。 他们为他们的家庭和客人准备了不同种类的礼物,当我们到达他们的房子,如圣诞蜡烛,蛋糕,卡片,小玩具,饼干等。一棵圣诞树被放置在辉煌的大厅的角落里。它是多么美丽!这些都给我们留下了深刻的印象。我们吃了一顿大餐。晚餐后,他们给我们讲了一些关于圣诞节的有趣的故事。我们得知圣诞节和上帝有点事。我们半夜睡觉去了。虽然我们知道圣诞老人克劳斯不是真的,我们仍然在等待着白胡子的圣诞老人给我们带来礼物,我们收到了许多美丽的礼物,第二天早晨克劳斯。 这个圣诞节真是令人难忘。我不仅有一个很好的时间,而且我知道一些外国文化。


For most western countries, Christmas Day is the biggest festival, and all the people will have the long vacation, just as Spring Festival in China. With the development of globalization, Christmas Day is celebrated by people around the world. When the day comes, Christmas trees can be seen in many shops and some products have the great discounts. One of the main reasons for people to love Christmas is that they can get the great discounts from some products, which saves them a lot of money. For American people, Christmas Day is the great moment for the families to get together and enjoy the family hour, while for some people they just treat it as the shopping day.



Today is Christmas Eve, is western festival, listen to father said: "is the equivalent of our year." I finished writing homework after school, he thought of yu teacher in the classroom ask whether we prepared a Christmas gift for mom and dad. I thought to myself: "before Christmas are mom and dad gave me a gift, today I also want to give them a surprise!"

At first, I thought: what the gifts? After a while, I have a good idea: "do two handmade CARDS!" I write on a piece of card: I love you, mother! Write on the card: I love you, father! In the picture on the card and lace, snowman, the Christmas tree. Write good picture, I suddenly heard footsteps in the "product", I panicked, hurry-scurry, hurriedly pressed two card in the bottom, because this is the "secret operation", must not let mom and dad know that they give you a surprise! A look, turned out to be a mother to wash feet, such as mother wash feet, I boldly take out the CARDS. A put in father tomorrow want to wear leather shoes, another in the mother tomorrow want to wear high heels, waiting to give them a big surprise! Mom and dad to see after this "special" gift is very happy, al Jefferson said: "having grown up, know to give us gifts!" It's my first diy CARDS, even though it's not beautiful but with my warm heart! Son the mother exclaimed: "this is the first time send gift to me, I'm going to treasure well!" Then from the bag took out a big of magic Christmas stockings to me, I opened the sox mouth a look, wow! Carrying a full bag, all is my favorite thing, very good! I excitedly on his mother kissed under several, father also hearty laugh.

This year's Christmas is the most meaningful a Christmas.


刚开始,我想:到底送什么礼物好呢?过了一会儿,我有了一个好主意:“做两张手工贺卡吧!”我在第一张贺卡上写上:i love you, mother !在第二张贺卡上写上:i love you, father !并在这两张贺卡上画上花边、雪人、圣诞树。写好画好之后,我突然听见了“咚咚”的脚步声,我惊慌失措、手忙脚乱,赶紧把两张贺卡压在屁股下面,因为这是“秘密行动”,决不能让爸爸妈妈知道,这样才有惊喜啊!一看,原来是妈妈要来打水洗脚,等妈妈洗完脚,我就大胆地拿出贺卡。一张放在爸爸明天要穿的皮鞋里,另一张放在妈妈明天要穿的高跟鞋里,等着给他们一个大惊喜! 爸爸妈妈看到了这份“特别”的礼物之后,都非常开心,连声说道:“龙龙长大了,知道给我们送礼物了!”这可是我第一次diy贺卡,虽然不算漂亮但是却包含着我暖暖的心意呢!妈妈激动地说:“这可是儿子第一次送礼物给我,我可要好好珍藏哦!”接着从包里变魔术般的拿出了一只大大的圣诞袜交给了我,我打开袜口一看,哇!装着满满一袋,全是我最爱吃的东西,太好啦!我兴奋地在妈妈脸上亲了好几下,爸爸也爽朗地笑了起来。



Vanity of build by laying /picks or stones jade world outside the window, the snow outside the window, you only have to pull open the curtain, open the window to see this proud snow ling cream in the winter. In this season, there is a range of holiday: Christmas.

In the days of having a unique style, people will hold many interesting activities, such as giveaways, lottery and other activities. People say that on the night of the Christmas, Santa Claus will sit two sika deer dragging ski car gifts to the children, in the morning you will see the pillow Have a nice gift, this is a Christmas present.

In this AQiChengShuang winter there is also a Christmas Eve, it is on the eve of Christmas, the day everyone to pray for peace, everyone has a patron saint of their own, to protect themselves.

This is impervious to depression in the winter of "merry Christmas!"


在这个别具一格的日子里,人们会举办许多妙趣横生的活动,比如:有奖竞猜,抽奖等活动。人们都说在圣诞节的晚上,圣诞老人会坐着两只梅花鹿拖着的滑雪车来个小朋友们送礼物,在你早上起来就会看见枕头底下 有一份精美的礼物,这就是圣诞礼物。














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