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Christmas Day falls on the twenty-fifth of December. It is a very happy day for many boys and girls. Before the term ends in some schools, the children act a nativity or “birth” play, showing how Jesus was born in a stable.

On the twenty-fourth of December, all children are very excited. Usually they are sent to bed early so that their parents can get the presents ready. The younger children think that Father Christmas will come down the chimney or fireplace, so they hang up a sock for him to put presents in. The greedy ones even hang up a pillow-case or a sack to try to get more presents. Later that night, father or mother will put presents in the sock, and leave others at the side of the bed.

On Christmas morning, the children wake up very early. Some even turn on the light at two o‘clock, and most of them are awake by six o’clock, and the young ones play while the dinner is prepared. At about one o‘clock in the afternoon, the Christmas dinner is brought in. The turkey or chicken is quickly eaten. Children search in their Christmas pudding for new coins which are hidden in it. The rest of the day is full of games and eating until the happiest of all Christmas hollidays comes to an end.





Time is a dream, but also a year when christmas.

Many of the cottages have closed the door to see the Christmas tree, a riot of colours through the clear bright windows. Emerald green branches hung fist sized "fruit", in the light against the background of suffused with white, shiny, showing off like ang head, proudly stand their tummies, ribbon and put it on the tree, whole body like a hedgehog burr publicity to erect, such as a Wei Wu dragon, grinning stare eyes looked at me?!

When night falls, the bustling fade, disappear in the red light and shade staggered, as had the dream. Inside the fire like elves jumping, crack. "Amazing Grace" gradually from the house came, so slow and melodious music, and a dim moonlight, such as water, Chan guss outflow, slowly into the atrium.

Clock far away from the city noise, neck scarf floating in the wind, like a voluptuous red snake, on the vast and desolate land particularly conspicuous. The old clock lumbering knocked several, one, twelve.

Christmas night, snow have sounded, 12 o'clock, the sky flashed his silver. Sparks, is so beautiful, like a flower blooming fireworks in the sky, Its brightness dazzles the eyes. There appears to be a coach, against the moonlight, saw only a hazy shadow. Ran the front pull quadruped cheerful, gently Qiaoqiao, each hoof falls, like stepping on a is not the air, but the field. After the car, only a red shadow, like a sled, sitting on a person. Grew nearer, I seemed to hear a sound of the hooves, moonlight painted on them, like fine gauze, hazy, like an angel of landing.

The night looks lonely, light, All sounds are still.

The car flashed a silver, suddenly, it is near. Jumped from the car under a old man, red and white clothes with round rolling of belly slowly to jump off, "puff" sound, the fat feet makes dust splash. Smiling, walking, plump face was thick hat covered only a pair of lovely slim, di Liuliu, such as black pearls, give a person a pleasant feeling. He gave a gift to plug in my hands, the corner of the eye fine wrinkles stretch, a sound foreign sound provoked I had to open his eyes: "Merry Christmas, dear!"

He jumped into the car, the naughty wink, some sly eyes were still a hint of kindness. Did not wait for me to say a word, he had already gone.

Read deep, shallow water Huan, such as moonlight, cool thin clothes. The night looks lonely, light, All sounds are still.

Is still erratic "Amazing Grace", just staring at the sky, black without trace. No spark, no horse, no sound, no man, like all dreams.

Music immersion, dream alone Huan, cold and silent drunk that night. Cecil strands broken read, goosebumps, long, long dim, long swing, lingering......

When I look back, leave alone. Downtown gradually far, autumn wanes, dream time and space, let me lonely samsara, to very devout, dedicated mind waiting for pure. A little drunk back, skimming over the surface, dip pen come, beautiful words. Holding a small gift to tell me, this is not a dream.

Christmas, meet me.




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